Cell Biology

ZOE? Fluorescent Cell Imager

ZOE? Fluorescent Cell Imager


The ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager is a complete digital imaging system, allowing users to view samples, capture and store images, and create multicolor overlays. Thanks to the built-in light shield, the ZOE Cell Imager does not require a darkroom for fluorescence imaging.

TC20? Automated Cell Counter

TC20? Automated Cell Counter


The TC20 automated cell counter counts mammalian cells in one simple step using its innovative auto-focus technology and sophisticated cell counting algorithm to produce accurate cell counts in less than 30 seconds. Upon insertion of a counting slide, the TC20 cell counter rapidly provides a total cell count (with or without trypan blue staining) and assesses cell viability via trypan blue exclusion.

S3e? Cell Sorter

S3e? Cell Sorter


The S3e Cell Sorter is the first truly walk-away automated cell sorter. Real-time monitoring and smart features make cell sorting easier and accessible to both novices and experts. This compact system is equipped with either one to three lasers and up to four fluorescence detectors plus forward- and side-scatter detectors.

ZE5? Cell Analyzer

ZE5? Cell Analyzer


The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is the first flow cytometer with a fully integrated and flexible loader that can accommodate any sample, tube, or rack, complete with temperature control and vortexing. The sample delivery system allows maximized sample usage efficiency by returning unused sample to a well or tube. The ZE5 has unparalleled speed that can detect up to 100,000 events per second with no aborts. The ZE5 offers high parameter capabilities with up to 30 parameters, 5 lasers, and dual FSC options that allow for small particle detection.

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